Which Prismacolor Pencils Are For You?

Discover the wonder of Prismacolor Colored Pencils with artist Gary Greene! Informational video from Prismacolor and A.C. Moore!

Guide to Color Selection

Jacqueline Pettie is a young colored pencil artist with lots of talent and skill. She enjoys painting nature and  wildlife, especially underwater life.    Today Jacqueline poses the question: "What color should I buy? What brand should I use for colored pencils?"   ...and answers in the following video.    She says: "You don't need a lot of colors to create amazing

Fantasy Drawing with Watercolor Pencils

'Disneylover' explains the technique of coloring with watercolor in combination with colored pencils by demonstrating each step in her drawing of an "Autumn" fairy.
Tips, tricks & tutorials for painting with colored pencils!